The food that loves your dog.... order before 11am for next working day delivery
The food that loves your dog.... order before 11am for next working day delivery
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Hypoallergenic & Grain free Menu

The whole range of our Conchobar Grain Free food at Conchobar is hypoallergenic & grain free. Conchobar dog kibble is designed from the start to be nutritious and gentle to digest.

Consider this; Your dog eats the same menu daily.

If this was a poorer menu with wheat & other grains often used in cheaper food, this would be the nutrition level your dog's body would absorb daily. Your dog's ability to absorb the goodness in grains is less as they digest quicker. The level of nutrient is part of the story but, behavior can be a factor also due, to spikes in energy through fast digesting grains, a bit like "E" numbers in a child.

We generally believe that if we eat a good diet, we will be much healthier and in fact, there is massive research to support this. So why would this not be true for other mammals, like our K9's?

We excercise our dogs daily, we inoculate them and treat them like a member of the family, diet is part of this care.

Conchobar grain free dog food is hypoallergenic, its is free from ingredients that are considered to be a high allergen risk in your dog. It uses no artificial colouring or, preservatives you may find in other types of dog food. We use no artificial flavouring as quality in the food delivers the flavour, not unlike in our own food.

Conchobar Grain Free is a grain free menu containing no less than 50% meat or, fish. It is blended with quality vegetables to give a nutritional diet for your dog. These ingredients digest slower, are absorbed better and fulfill for longer.